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[Expired] WP Rocket Black Friday 2019 Deal: [35% OFF]

WP Rocket is a feature-rich WordPress plugin, which plays an important role in increasing loading speed of a WordPress website. The WP Rocket Black Friday deal is going to offer up to 35% discount on all the plans between 23rd and 27th November . So, do not miss this opportunity.

Note: WP Rocket Black Friday deal has ended. Once the deal is live on November 2020, we will update the page]

WP Rocket: the Best caching and Performance booster plugin:

You would agree that a fast loading website not only provides great user experience, but it also plays a crucial role in boosting website’s ranking. Every website and blog owner wants to enhance its performance on all the devices. Visitors do not wait too long if a site is not loading. They quickly close the tab and switch to another website. 

There are several plugins available for boosting WordPress websites and blogs’ loading speed. Most of them are cache plugins. WP Rocket is considered one of the best cache plugins.

It prepares a static file of the content published on your web pages. This plugin fetches that static file from the cache folder as a user visits your site. Thus, WP Rocket plays a crucial role in improving your website’s performance. 

The Plugin ensures that every your website or a blog loads faster. You will save a ton of resources and time for your visitors. That’s why your website must be equipped with the best caching plugin.

You can buy one of yearly subscription plans of WP Rocket during WP Rocket Black Friday Sale and save a considerable amount of money. 

WP Rocket Black Friday 2019 deal

WP Rocket charges $39/year for 1 website, $99/year for 3 websites, and $249/year for unlimited websites. It provides exceptional support and updates throughout the year. Some WordPress website owners might find it a bit expensive, but these plans will get more cost-effective during Black Friday sale. 

WP Rocket Black Friday Sale will provide you with 35% discount on all three plans. The yearly subscription plans after the Black Friday discount offer will be:

  • $25.35 for WP Rocket Single License (You will save $13.65)
  • $64.35 for a WP Rocket Plus License (You will save $34.35)
  • $129.35 for WP Rocket Infinite License (You will save $69.65)

As you can clearly see, WP Rocket Black Friday Coupon is offering a huge discount on each of three plans. It is a great opportunity for you to improve the loading speed of your website and use multiple WP Rocket features to enhance your website or blog’s performance. 

Note: WP Rocket Black Friday deal has ended. Once the deal is live on November 2020, we will update the page]

Why WP Rocket is important for WordPress sites?

No other caching plugin works as effectively as WP Rocket. The developers at WP Rocket ensures compatibility and flawless integration with every WordPress site.

Important features offered by WP Rocket:

The following features make WP Rocket the best caching plugin for WordPress sites. 

  • Quick setup:

It is quite simple and straightforward process to configure WP Rocket. Its intuitive interface allows you to install this caching plugin without any programming skill or great technical knowledge. 

  • Page caching:

Caching plays a vital role in providing an ultra-fast loading time. It is an important feature if you want to optimize your WP website properly. Conversions will improve if your site loads fast and page caching is activated immediately as you install WP Rocket plugin. 

  • Cache preloading:

This feature ensures your web pages are indexed much faster by the leading search engines across the globe. It is important for your SEO efforts. 

  • Sitemap preloading:

This plugin preloads all the links in your XML sitemap to keep your website’s cache always warm. It can automatically detect All in One SEO, Yoast SEO, and Jetpack sitemaps. 

  • GZIP compression:

This feature is essential because it helps you in saving bandwidth and optimizing the rendering of web browsers. 

  • Browser caching:

Browser caching allows you to save static contents like images, JS, and CSS in browser. Thus, whenever a visitor clicks on other web pages of your website, it does not require to reload that static content. 

  • Database optimization:

You can easily manage the database to eliminate bloat and maintain free space for important data. It also boosts your WP site’s performance and that’s why you can schedule regular cleanup of your database. 

  • Google Fonts optimization:

The HTTP requests will be minimum due to Google Fonts optimization feature. Your website will perform much faster. 

  • Eliminate query strings from static resources:

You can enhance the GT Metrix grade by eliminating query strings from the CSS/JS files by using WP Rocket plugin. 

  • Lazyload:

Your website’s images will load only when the visitor scrolls down to read more content on the page. All the major websites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are using this feature to provide a phenomenal experience. WP Rocket allows you to provide your users with the same thing. 

  • Minification:

This plugin uses minification to make your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript much lighter to increase website loading time. 

  • Mobile detection:

Enable this feature to detect the users using mobile phones to access your site and make the mobile version available with one click. 

Other features such as Defer JS Loading, CloudFlare Compatibility, DNS Prefetching, CDN, Multisite Compatibility, eCommerce support, and Multilingual Compatibility make WP Rocket the best caching plugin in the world. It is designed only for WordPress websites and therefore you must take advantage of this plugin. 

Note: WP Rocket Black Friday deal has ended. Once the deal is live on November 2020, we will update the page]

WP Rocket Pricing Plans during Black Friday:

You can use the WP Rocket Black Friday coupons to take advantage of cost-effective Black Friday deals. You will pay $23.35 for single license subscription, $64.35 for the plus license subscription, and $129.35 for infinite license.

Carefully assess your requirements, know your target market, customers, and competitors, and then pick a WP Rocket subscription plan to buy and install this plugin on your website.  

Note: WP Rocket Black Friday deal has ended. Once the deal is live on November 2020, we will update the page]

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